HOW To Flashing Use RSD Lite All Versions

Here in this guide, we will show you, how it’s easy to flash Motorola firmware using RSD Lite Tool?  No need to use any other professional tool to repair your own moto mobile. Free RSD Lite Tool Latest Version is enough to flash Motorola Stock ROM without any dead risk.

This tutorial is only for those users who want to know firmware flashing methods using RSD Lite Tool. So read the post carefully, learn everything and then apply it on your own Moto device.

Let’s start the stock ROM flashing with the latest RSD Lite Tool.
About: Download RSD Lite Tool With How To Use RSD Lite Tool Guide Supporting Devices: RSD Lite Tool Support Only Moto / Motorola devices [ Mobile & Tablets]
Flash Tool Name: RSD Lite Tool Or Moto Flash Tool
Status: Free Moto Flash tool
Download Latest Version RSD Lite Tool For Moto Devices

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How To Use Motorola Flash Tool RSD Lite Properly
Before going to flash your Motorola or moto device, download correct firmware of the device. Make sure, you have downloaded the correct and compatible firmware of the device which you want to flash.

RSD lite software works perfectly on all Windows OS WXP, W7, W8 & W10. But sometimes Windows 10 OS may show an error to detect the device.

Steps To Use RSD Lite Tool To Flash Official STOCK ROM

  1. Download and install “Motorola USB drivers” on pc. Drivers installations are must to create bridge connection between phone and pc. Skip the step, if drivers are already installed.
  2. Download and extract the downloaded firmware file on pc which you want to flash. [ DO Google or download section for Motorola firmware ]
  3. Download RSD Lite Tool zip file, extract it on pc. Here you will see the RSD Lite v6.2.4.msi installer in extracted RSD Lite Tool folder.“RSD Lite Motorola flash tool” comes with installer file, so you have to install it on pc.
    [RSD lite Software installer will be in .msi format. So in case getting any issue to run rsd_lite.msi file as administrator
  4. Launch “RSD lite Software” on pc with administrator power.
  5. Click on the “BROWSE” button and load flash file from firmware folder which you want to flash on your device. It will show a flashing file automatically. Choose anyone.
    HOW To Flashing Use RSD Lite All Versions
  6. After successfully adding the file, you will see the complete file’s properties in right side log window as shown below.
  7. Come to the device, power off and boot your moto mobile into “fastboot mode” or “bootloader mode” manually.
    HOW To Flashing Motorola Moto Use RSD Lite All Versions
    Power Off >> Press & Hold Volume Down key + Power Key at the same time. [ Universal Method For All Motorola Phones]
  8. Connect the device with pc via working USB cable. Try to use Original USB cable.
    HOW To Flashing Motorola Moto Without PC
  9. If the device is properly connected with pc, the tool will detect the device automatically and will show USB Port connected status in the device list area. Otherwise, click on “Show Device” option from the tool to display the attached device.
    HOW To Flashing Moto Without PC
  10. Finally hit on the “START” button to start the firmware flashing process on Motorola phone using RSD lite software. Flashing process will take approx 5-10 minutes and will depend on firmware file size. So sit back and wait to complete the flashing process.
  11. Once the process completed, you will see the “Finished” message under the “STATUS” option.
  12. Unplug the USB cable and reboot the device manually.
  13. DONE!!! Stock ROM / Firmware installation completed using RSD lite software
  1. RSD lite software is a wonderfull flash tool for almost all moto/Motorola Android devices.
  2. This software is compatible with all windows OS W7/w8 &w10. But sometime you may face device detection issue in windows 10 pc / laptop.
  3. Device must be into fastboot mode or bootloader mode to use RSD lite tool.
  4. Pc will load all USB drivers automatically at the time connecting the device into fastboot mode. If not, install “Motorola USB Drivers” manually.
This is the complete and proper method to install stock ROM using RSD Lite Motorola flash tool. Just download latest RSD lite tool and follow the above steps to flash Moto device.
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