How to flashing Asus Zenfone V Live V500KL

On this occasion, we will share about how to flash or reinstall Asus Zenfone V Live V500KL via QFILL. Before you flash you have to download the firmware, install the USB driver, then also download the QPST tool.

Flashing Asus Zenfone V Live V500KL Is A Reinstallation Activity On A Device In An Effort To Restore The Device To Factory Defaults, Usually, Flashing Is Done For Several Things, Some Of These Are Bootloop Cellphones, Forgetting Patterns, Hanks, Continuous Restart, Turn Off, Black / White Blanks, etc....
Asus Zenfone V Live V500KL

For those of you whose favorite, mobile phones are experiencing problems as mentioned above, the Flashing step is the right thing to do because by means of flashing/reinstalling we can solve the problems - problems as already mentioned above.

Benefits of Flashing Asus Zenfone V Live V500KL:

  1. Overcome Bootloop Or Stop On The Logo When Booting
  2. Overcoming Hank Or Stop On A Page When Operated
  3. Overcome Cellphone Slow Down
  4. Overcoming the Appearance Unfortunately The Application Has Stopped When You Open An Application
Flashing Materials Asus Zenfone V Live V500KL:

How to Flash Asus Zenfone V Live V500KL Use QFIL:
  1. Download all the above materials then Extrak all the files that have been downloaded
  2. Install the USB Driver and install "QPST / QFIL" on your Laptop or PC
  3. Turn off HH (let stand for 7-10 seconds to make sure it is dead)
  4. Connect Lenovo to PC using "USB Cable" while pressing "Volume Up & Volume Down Button"
  5. Open "QFIL" located in "All Apps" search QFIL already installed (according to your version of windows)
    How to flashing Asus Zenfone V Live V500KL
  6. Then after QFIL is open make sure the driver is installed on the pc, if it is installed it will appear "Qualcomm HS-USB QDloader 9008" If it appears the text is now Click Browse then locate file "prog_emmc_firehose_8916.mbn" in the folder extract results then click open
    How to flashing Asus Zenfone V Live A009  V500KL
  7. if it is to step number 6 it will appear as shown below, then click "Load XML" and will appear "rawprogran_unsparse" then will appear again "patch0.xml" click Open
    flashing Asus Zenfone V Live A009  V500KL
  8. Next Click Download In QFIL Then Automatically Repeat Process Will Last, Wait Until Done.
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