Remove FRP Bypass Lava Z81 Google Account

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a security feature on Android devices with Lollipop and higher, it helps you keep your data safe if your Lava Z81 is lost or stolen, It’s a good thing that makes the stolen phone harder to use, but sometimes you can’t remember the Google Account information, and you need to access your Lava Z81, Every phone, every system, and every android version has a certain way of Bypass Google FRP lock problem, Here’s How to Bypass Google FRP lock on Lava Z81.
Remove FRP Bypass Lava Z81 Google Account
How to Disable and Enable FRP (Factory Reset Protection):
If you have a Google account set up on your Huawei, then FRP is active to your phone. To disable FRP, you just have to remove your Google account.

To Remove a Google account Lava Z81:

Go to Settings => Accounts => Google.
Then choose the added Google account.
Find Remove account by clicking the icon on the top right corner.
To add a Google account:

Go to Settings => Accounts => Add an account => Google.
Then enter the email and password of your account.

  1. First Download QuickShortcutMaker and copy it to SD card
  2. Now Connect your Huawei to your Wi-Fi.
  3. Restart your Huawei
    Bypass Lava Z81 Google Account 9( After Factory Reset Protection):
  4. Tap with two fingers on the screen for a few seconds
  5. After talkback tutorial appears swipe down to right to open the global context menu
  6. Double Click on TalkBack Setting.
  7. Press & hold volume buttons together to Suspend TalkBack Setting.
  8. Click on help & feedback
  9. Tab on Get started with Voice Access & click on the video to play it on youtube app
  10. Click on Share, A menu appears, choose Email.
  11. Click on Add an email address  => Outlook, Hotmail, and Live
  12. Enter your Microsoft email & password & Sign in
  13. Tab on Compose, then enter your email to send to it 
  14. Click on attach icon & choose Files manager
  15. scroll & choose the QuickShortcutMaker.apk you copy it on your SD card
  16. Then click on Send the email,
  17. Go to email menu & click on Outbox
  18. Click on QuickShortcutMaker & Install then open it
  19. Search on Huawei Home & click on TRY
    Bypass Lava Z81 ( After Factory Reset Protection):
  20. Now Factory reset Lava Z81
    • Tab on settings.
    • Choose System
    • Tap Reset.
    • Select Factory Data Reset.
    • Check the Reset phone.
    • confirm the whole operation tapping Reset phone one more time.
    • Well done! The factory reset has just completed.
  21. You have successfully Bypass Google FRP lock on Huawei.

This is how FRP Bypass Huawei, Hopefully, useful if there are questions please discuss with us through the comments column
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